Hiawatha Valley Education District contracts with SCHOOL Project for Third Party Billing services.   

Who is SCHOOL Project: 

SCHOOL Project is a third party billing and management company.  It was the first third party billing company in the state of Minnesota and was founded in 2001 based on a grant from the state of Minnesota when it became mandatory for schools to bill for health related services.  Since then, SCHOOL Project has provided quality one-on-one third party billing support to school administrators, coordinators and providers alike. SCHOOL Project’s mission is to ease third party billing responsibilities and maximize reimbursements while ensuring federal and state compliancy.

How does SCHOOL Project record information and maintain federal and state compliance:  

SCHOOL Project uses an automated application management system to record and upload third party billing information electronically. Service Providers will utilize the application to record student information.  To learn more about the SCHOOL Project Application, please see SCHOOL Project Application section below.

Service Providers are to connect directly with SCHOOL Project, Angie Wassman, to learn about the app and what they need to do for third party billing.

SCHOOL Project Contact Information: 

Angie Wassman
SCHOOL Project
Phone: 651-307-3152

Resources and Documents: (link to folders)  


SCHOOL Project Application: 

Through the use of a student management system and application, getting third party billing information to the providers electronically is quick, easy and stress free.  Member District and HVED Service Providers will utilize the app to record student information.  SCHOOL Project will provide technical support, and access to reports and information to assist Service Providers every step of the way.


Exclusive to SCHOOL Project, there are no limitations; the SCHOOLProjectK12 app is compatible with any device including laptop or desktop computer, Android, iOS device or phone with no additional equipment required. After the student information has been inputted, documentation is immediately available and is an automated process from month to month. The app automatically prompts for compliancy requirements making the process of documenting quick and consistent. The app contains numerous features and tools which all assist in providing districts with the proper information needed to collect and manage third party documentation more efficiently. The SCHOOLProjectK12 app is currently being used successfully by multiple districts throughout Minnesota.


Service Providers utilizing the app are:

  • School Nurses
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Personal Care Assistants (PCAs)
  • Transportation providers
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Audiologists