The SPECTRUM Program, part of HVED (Hiawatha Valley Education District), is a specialized level 4 school currently located in Hokah, MN. SPECTRUM is designed to cater to the needs of students on the autism spectrum who exhibit pronounced communication and behavioral challenges. The program is structured to provide comprehensive support and assistance to these students, focusing on enhancing their independence and proficiency in crucial areas such as functional communication and self-regulation.

Through tailored interventions and personalized instruction, the Spectrum Program aims to empower students with the tools and strategies necessary to navigate various aspects of daily life more effectively. This includes developing communication skills that are not only functional but also conducive to meaningful interactions within a school setting. Additionally, the program places a strong emphasis on fostering self-regulation abilities, equipping students with techniques to manage their emotions, behaviors, and sensory experiences.

By fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment, the Spectrum Program endeavors to promote the holistic development of each student, enabling them to achieve their full potential academically, socially, and personally. Through collaboration between educators, therapists, paraprofessionals, and families, the program strives to create a cohesive support network that nurtures the growth and progress of every student within the program.

The ultimate objective of the Spectrum Program is to facilitate the successful integration of students back into their resident school districts. While the program provides intensive support tailored to the unique needs of students with autism, the overarching aim is to equip them with the skills, strategies, and confidence necessary to transition smoothly into their local school environments.

By focusing on enhancing functional communication, self-regulation, and other essential skills, the SPECTRUM Program prepares students to participate more effectively in mainstream educational settings within their resident school districts. This transition process is approached collaboratively, involving coordination between the SPECTRUM Program staff, the students' families, and the educators and support personnel in their respective school districts.



8:15 AM - 2:45 PM



Jen Ihrke                                  
Director of Special Education                         

Phone: 507-474-7196        


Sam Clark
Program Coordinator

Phone: 507-459-5369


Ann De Zeeuw
Administrative Assistant

Phone: 507-860-9423