HVED's Spectrum Program is an Autism program located in Hokah, MN. Students who attend Spectrum are provided with Specialized Programming, Education, Comprehensive Therapy and other Resources for their Unique Minds. Spectrum staff work with students to support them during their day. Enrollment in the Spectrum program is determined by the students IEP team.

Spectrum uses the STAR Program to teach students critical skills using research based ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) instructional methods consisting of discrete trial training, pivotal response training and teaching of functional routines. STAR consists of lessons that focus specifically on receptive language, expressive language, functional routines, pre-academics, and play skills. After students have mastered the lessons in all three levels of the STAR program they then move into the LINKS Curriculum.

The LINKS Curriculum is a comprehensive curriculum that is designed to promote student independence in their natural environments. Links uses an online system to help assess and create individualized routines for students and uses lessons to teach individual skills and independence in daily routines. When the students are not completing their STAR/Links lessons, they are working on they are engaged in a variety of other activities and focus on goals that are specific to the individual student. For a student to be enrolled in the Spectrum program, they must have a current IEP (individualized education plan) or be in the process of qualifying for special education services under the autism spectrum category. The IEP team will then determine if the program is the appropriate placement for the student.


Services by SPECTRUM  Program

  • Occupational Therapists to assist with fine and gross motor skills and sensory needs
  • Speech Language Pathologist to assist with speech and communication
  • Behavior Specialist to assist with difficult behaviors Direct services with occupational therapists or speech language pathologist is determined by the needs from the student’s evaluation report.
  • If student does not qualify for direct services, staff will be available through consultation.


8:15 AM - 2:45 PM


Chad Otterness                                     
Director of Special Education                          
Phone: 507-860-2261