Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy strives to support children from ages birth to 21 with cognitive, physical, sensory and motor deficits by improving their performance with self-care, play and functional motor skills in order to be a successful student within their educational and home environment.


Services by Occupational Therapy:

  • Fine motor skills: small, finely coordinated hand movements;  
  • Visual perceptual skills: the ability to understand and interpret what is seen;
  • Visual motor skills: the ability to coordinate visual skills and motor skills;
  • Self-care skills: feeding, dressing, hygiene, and toileting skills for increasing independence in necessary life skills
  • Sensory processing: the ability to process incoming sensory information (Visual, Auditory, Taste, Touch, Movement, Vestibular) in order to participate appropriately within the school environment
  • Strength and endurance
  • Body awareness
  • Classroom positioning and adaptations
  • Equipment modifications and recommendations
  • Sensory motor skills necessary for participation in an educational program



Special Education Director or Coordinator in the local school districts.