About ParaPro Assessment

Parapro assessment is held regularly by HVED District Office Staff.
You can contact
Melissa Rose mrose@hved.org  for next testing date or for more information.


1- A valid Government ID

2- A check for $60 payable to HVED


If you have questions on if you should register your Para, please see the information below, it is from the MDE website:

Highly Qualified Paraprofessionals and ParaPro Tests

Paraprofessionals working in school-wide Title 1 schools, including paraprofessionals supporting students receiving special education services in those schools, must meet the requirements to be highly qualified. Other schools which are not Title 1 can also choose to have all paraprofessionals meet that standard.

There are three ways for paraprofessionals to demonstrate that they are highly qualified. They can have the equivalent of two years of post-secondary education (an A.A. degree), complete a portfolio demonstrating all paraprofessional competencies, or take the ParaPro test which measures math and reading skills and obtain a minimum score of 460.

Educational Testing Service (ETS), the testing company which offers the ParaPro test, will no longer have test sites with paper-based tests. School districts have the option to become a test site and offer the test via computer delivery. Schools can get more information on this and a link to the registration form from the ETS website. Individuals who are interested in becoming a highly qualified paraprofessional at a school district can ask the human resources department of that school if they offer the test.

For other questions about highly qualified paraprofessionals, contact Barbara Sisco.