HVED Support

ALC Satellite Services please email satelliteservices@hved.org

ALC Targeted Services please email targetedservices@hved.org

Company Mileage please email Camie Black at cblack@hved.org

Continuing Education Units please email CEU@hved.org

Data Management please email data@hved.org

Data Management Includes

 - JMC

EDGENUITY Teacher Account Manager please email Patrick Marcotte at pmarcotte@hved.org

Email Groups please email Melissa Rose at mrose@hved.org

Facebook Page please email Melissa Rose at mrose@hved.org

Human Resources please email Cherilynn Duffenbach at cduffenbach@hved.org

Infinitec please email Cherilynn Duffenbach at cduffenbach@hved.org

Invoices please email invoices@hved.org

Payroll or Benefits please email payroll@hved.org

Professional Development please email professionaldevelopment@hved.org 

Technology Support CLICK HERE (Desk phone, laptop, printer, or general computer support)

Transportation please email transportation@hved.org

Verizon Wireless products from HVED such as mobile phones or hot spots please send an email to Melissa Rose at mrose@hved.org

Website please email webmaster@hved.org

If you have questions on anything not listed above, please email Melissa Rose at mrose@hved.org and she will help you find the correct support contact.