HVED Support

Technology Support CLICK HERE  (Desk phone, laptop, printer, or general computer support)

Verizon Wireless products from HVED such as mobile phones or hot spots please send an email to Carmen Briggs at cbriggs@hved.org

COVID-19 please email covidcoord@hved.org

Company Mileage please email Camie Black at cblack@hved.org

ALC Satellite Services please email satelliteservices@hved.org

ALC Targeted Services please email targetedServices@hved.org

Infinitec please email Jenny Goede at jgoede@hved.org

Human Resources please email Carmen Briggs at  cbriggs@hved.org

Payroll or Benefits please email payroll@hved.org

Data Management please email data@hved.org
                Data Management Includes
                                - FASTBRIDGE
                                - eduCLIMBER
                                - Odysseware
                                - JMC

Facebook Page please email Carmen Briggs at  cbriggs@hved.org

Website please email webmaster@hved.org

Email Groups please email Melissa Rose at  mrose@hved.org

If you have questions on anything not listed above please email Melissa Rose at mrose@hved.org and she will help you find the correct support contact.  

Secure File Transfer Training Video CLICK HERE