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Principal's Meeting 11/15 Data Documents 

eduCLIMBER - District # 1208

eduCLIMBER is our new data warehouse tool. It was created by a former school psychologist and her husband, who is a computer engineer. This is a great tool for looking at and gathering all kinds of data. You can use eduCLIMBER in many, many ways including using it to look at assessment data, tracking a behavior or academic intervention, and customizing behavior incident entry and tracking.

eduCLIMBER Training Guides - Google Drive Folder of eduCLIMBER resources about data searches, behavior interventions, and other eduCLIMBER training. Review the Table of Contents to see all the different training items and information about the training items, or you can view the eduCLIMBER Quick Guide to get a quick overview of eduCLIMBER.

Other eduCLIMBER Resources

Fastbridge is an assessment "library". FastBridge has many assessments to help screen and progress monitor students' ability in math, reading, and behavior. FastBridge is a great assessment screening tool as the assessments are quick and provide excellent data about students academic ability. Fast has many progress monitoring assessments which allow classroom teachers and interventions to assess whether intervention or extra instruction is working for the student. 

Overview of FastBridge Assessments
View the chart of assessments to learn more about what assessments FastBridge has to offer. More information is linked into the chart, so click on an assessment to learn more about that particular assessment.

Overview of FastBridge Reports
View the chart of reports to learn more about what reports FastBridge has to offer. More information is linked in the chart, click on a report name to learn more about that particular report.

Other FastBridge Resources

OdysseyWare - HVED OdysseyWare Account Login
OdysseyWare is a customizable curriculum library consisting of over 300 courses. These courses provide flexible learning in multiple areas of study, blended learning options, and credit recovery courses for students. Courses can be customized and used in a variety of ways. 

Contact: Eldon Anderson